Saturday, September 20

Homeschool Freebie-TOS

The Old Schoolhouse Store
Today's free Deal Of The Day is "Fiesta of Freebies - 1st Edition" e-book. Published by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, this e-book contains four months of freebies from their newsletters, featuring "Freebie Finder Jamin". Download it here before it's gone!

Wit and Wisdom from the Hermit in the Holler

"I ain't no plumber."


"I ain't no 'lectrician."

Friday, September 19

Grocery Tip

Buy butter in blocks instead of quarters, they're usually cheaper by about 50 cents a pound.

Homeschool Freebies

Homeschool Freebie Of The Day
Today you can get TWO wonderful e-books, and not just for homeschoolers.Click here to download "The Beginner’s Guide to Coin Collecting" and "The Beginner’s Guide to Stamp Collecting". Thank you, Erskines, for all your great resources!

Archiving Early America
This site is a treasure trove of 18th century American History. There are pictures and scenes taken from original documents, music, short films, a quiz game and much more! Check it out here.

Braving The World Today

Dawn In The Holler

We're braving the world today, haven't been out of the holler since Sunday. :) Sometimes we get to stay home for two whole weeks! So, it's off to the library, post office, bank and grocery store this afternoon. It's also "treat day" for my children, we can't forget that! They'll be bouncin' off the walls by the time we get home!

Thursday, September 18

Satellite Tracker
Enter your zipcode here and see what satellites are going to fly over on the next several nights.

Homeschool Freebies

Homeschool Freebie Of The Day
Did you get your freebie yet? Today only, you can download "Classic Poems to Memorize", originally published in 1906 under the title "Required Poems for Reading and Memorizing - Third and Fourth Grades". Great classic poetry, get it here before it's gone!

Teacher Created Resources
A whole slew of free lessons, activities, brain teasers, teaching tips and more can be found here. Sign up for their newsletter and get a free e-book each month. Subscribe here.

Daily Hike

My children go on a "daily hike", here are a few pictures from yesterday's.

Wednesday, September 17

Another Homeschool Freebie

Our Homeschool Creations
How to make a "mini-office" lapbook, with photos and links to printables.
You can find it here.

Garden Pictures

Chili Peppers

Homegrown Tomato

Birdhouse Gourds

Lemon Gourds? The seeds came out of egg gourds about half the size. They're supposed to be off-white!

Today's Homeschooling Freebies

Homeschool Freebie Of The Day
Today only you can download "The Absurd ABC" by Walter Crane, a 19th century ABC book.
Find it here.

Free Activities And Events In Townsend This Week


Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library
Lisa Stewart from the Appalachian Bear Rescue will give a presentation at the library's after-school program today at 3:15pm. Children in Pre-K through 5th grade are welcome. Please call the library at (865) 448-1441 for directions and more information.

Townsend Visitor Center
Carolyn Gregory has an exhibit on doll making today and tomorrow, September 17th and 18th.
For more information please call (865) 448-6134 or (800) 525-6834.

This Weekend

Townsend Visitor Center
Exhibits scheduled for September 19th through the 21st are:
Stained Glass-Larry & Paula McLain
Art Exhibit-Steve Norris
Call (865) 448-6134 or (800) 525-6834 for more information.

Wood-N-Strings Dulcimer Shop
Every Saturday at 7:00pm Wood-N-Strings hosts the "Pickin' Porch", free music for the whole family. This week's guest is Steve Seifert, mountain dulcimer player and instructor. Phone (865) 448-6647 for more info.

Where's The Sun?

Tuesday, September 16

Free Photo Editing Software

Can't afford Adobe Photoshop? Try The GIMP, an open-source (free) alternative.
Homepage is here.

Today's New Homeschooling Freebies

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

The freebie for today is, "Stories to Tell to Children (& How to Tell Them) by Sarah Cone Bryant", a collection of classic stories for children with suggestions on how to tell them. You can get it here and don't forget, it's available today only!

This week's program is, "Victory On Lake Erie: An Amazing Tale of the War of 1812", an excellent story of America's past. You can download it here.


CurrClick is "Curriculum in a Click". Every week they offer a free download of one of their products: audio stories, copywork and notebooking pages, unit studies, lapbooks and many more!
You do have to create an account with them but it's free to sign up. This week's download is, "Slavery in North America Lapbook", published by In The Hands Of A Child and you can find it here. They also have free products you can download anytime, access them here.

Signs of Fall

The leaves are starting to turn.

Dogwood Berries

Fallen Poplar Leaves

Cold Bug

This thing never moved, we think it's a type of mayfly.

Foggy In The Holler

What a difference a day can make! It's been so hot and muggy, until yesterday. We only had a high of 63 degrees and, as my son would say, "the Smoky Mountains are smokey"! We even had to turn our fans off. I just hope this mild weather lasts awhile but it'll probably get hot again. Then again, in years past we have fired up our woodstove in September.

Monday, September 15

Frugal Homemaking Tip

If you have bath towels that are starting to get ragged, don't throw them away! You can use them to make washcloths or dishrags.
This would make a good sewing project for children.

Homemaking Giveaway and Freebies

Homestead Originals

Lisa over at Homestead Originals General Store is giving away a bar of handmade soap. To enter, just leave a comment on her blog here.

Homemaking 911

Sign up for Malia's newsletter and get a free bonus, "Our Ten Favorite Freezer Cooking Meals". Sign up here. She also has some free downloads here and check out her blog here for some good recipes and homemaking tips.

Creative Homemaking

You can download all kinds of free homemaking e-books when you sign up for Creative Homemaking's free newsletter. Sign up here.

Old Fashioned Homemaking

Download a free e-book, "Autumn Apple Recipes", here.

Homeschooling Freebies

Homeschool Freebie of the Day
Todays freebie is "Easy Homeschooling Curriculum- Literature by Grade Level" by Lorraine Curry (PDF format). You can find it here for today only.
The Erskine Family offers a free audio download each week in their "Living Books For The Ears" newsletter. You never know what they'll have each week! They usually change their program on Tuesday so you can still get last weeks audio, "The Charter Oak", the story of Connecticut's state tree. Get it here before it's gone!

Hands Of A Child
A free lapbooking "Project Pack" is offered every three months. The freebie for this quarter is "Thomas Alva Edison". This can be downloaded through December 16th and you can get it here.

Morning Glories

Sunday, September 14

Mornin' In The Holler