Saturday, September 13

Ways to save money

Cut off the cable TV, check out tapes and DVDs from the library. I have no idea what's on television anymore, we haven't watched it for 7 years.
Get rid of your clothes dryer and put up a clothesline. I haven't had a dryer for 26 years.
Pack a lunch instead of eating out.
Get rid of your air conditioner, people used to do without it. We don't have one.
Grow a garden, in pots if you have to. I've grown herbs, carrots, garlic, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in pots.
Switch from high-speed internet to dial-up.
Sell all but one car and learn how to work on it.
Don't buy new clothes. Do your shopping at flea markets, yard sales and second-hand stores. I buy all my family's clothes at Foothills Flea Market for five to ten cents a piece.
Learn to sew, use some of that used clothing for material.
Learn to cook!

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