Monday, November 3

Homeschool/Educational Freebies- English Language Humour

Here are three humorous, classic books about the English language and ways it's been misused, twisted and translated. Funny stuff. :)

Homeschool Freebie of the Day gives us "English As She Wuz Wrote", a collection of mangles and mishaps of the English language taken from old advertisements, tombstones, correspondence and other sources, published anonymously in the late 1800's.
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"English as She is Spoke", written by José da Fonseca and Pedro Carolino in the 19th century, was intended as a Portuguese-English conversation guide. It is believed neither author could speak English and that they used a French-English dictionary to translate an earlier Portuguese-French phrase book, resulting in many English "figures of speech" and "sayings" becoming mangled in the translation. One example from the book: "the walls have ears" is translated into "the walls have hearsay".
We have some funny sayings in English but these are ridiculous!

"English as She is Taught: Genuine Answers to Examination Questions in Our Public Schools"
by Caroline Bigelow Le Row, is a treasury of real test answers collected in the late 1800's. Published under the sponsorship of Mark Twain.
Very amusing read.

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