Thursday, November 27

Thanksgiving Blessings

It was a beautiful day.

My husband was home.

Daniel lost his 2nd upper front tooth during dinner. Now he looks like a lizard. :)

We made homemade whipped hand beating.

We played kid's Monopoly and kept loaning Abby money so she wouldn't go bankrupt...I did!

I won a copy of Penny Raine's new e-book "Making the Holidays Family Friendly".
Thank you Penny! :)

Supper is already cooked for tomorrow.

Thanksgiving treat for the chickens: froze pumpkins and cushaws left-over from fall decorations.

I talked to my momma, my sister and one of my brothers.

We laughed a lot.

We have a home.

We have a Saviour.

Hope you had a blessed day!


Penny Raine said...

you are so welcome!

blessings, Penny

Penny Raine said...

oops, this is right :)
you are so welcome!

blessings, Penny