Saturday, November 22

Winter Is Here

Brrrrrrr, it's cold here in the Pawpaw Holler this morning...18 degrees.
And our water froze.
Now I get to use all the buckets and jugs of water that are sitting in my bathtub!
Hopefully it will warm up later and I won't have to use the blow dryer to thaw the pipes out.

It's kind of funny, all summer we've had a water shortage and our spring finally started running good again, just before the first freeze. Now we have plenty of water but if it gets too cold we have to leave a faucet running, or the pipes, and sometimes the whole tank, will freeze and if we run the faucet more than a trickle, the tank doesn't fill up fast enough and we run it dry.


So, I just keep my jugs and buckets full.
At least the 1000 gallon tank isn't frozen solid...yet. :)

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