Tuesday, September 23

Wild Medicine for Poison Ivy

We have poison ivy all over the place up here, you can't do anything outside without getting in some of it. My husband is highly allergic to it (he used to have to get a shot after exposure) and the rest of us have varying degrees of tolerance, I used to not have a reaction at all! We've bought many things to ease the symptoms of poison ivy but the best thing, we've found, is a plant that grows all over these mountains. It's called Jewelweed.

Another name for it is Wild Touch-Me-Not (the ripe seed pods explode when you touch them). The plant has yellow or orange flowers, very juicy, watery stems and grows to a height of 5 feet.
We usually crush the stems and rub them over our exposed skin after we've gotten in poison ivy, you can also rub it on before exposure for added protection (I just never think of it before!). If you can get this on your skin quick enough , you won't get any blisters at all!
Needless to say, my husband doesn't have to get shots anymore. :)

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