Sunday, November 30

Technorati Challenge Experiment

UPDATE FROM BROWNIE MOM: With every experiment there is a conclusion. This one ends with the knowledge that Technorati does NOT like this kind of activity. They have asked me to discontinue this experiment. I have agreed. This experiment ends today. Thank you to all who jumped on board.

Technorati Challenge Experiment!
It's pretty basic and straight forward. If you want to join from the beginning to get maximum results, here is your chance! :o)

1. Copy The List Below into a blog post on your blog(s).
Don't forget to comment on Brownie Mom's Original post!

2. Add Your Link(s) To The List on your website.

3. Comment On This Post stating the blog address(es) you want listed so Brownie Mom can update the list to include your link(s).
(Comments on this blog are moderated. She will add all of the waiting links once per day so go back to be sure you have the full list and your blog is listed on your blog as the correct number)

4. Watch Your Authority Rise!

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