Monday, December 1

Snow In The Holler

Is it white at your house?

We woke up to snow this morning!
It started sticking about 5:30am and we have about a 1/2 inch so far.

It's wet snow, too...great for snowballs. :)
Snow day for my children, Hooray!


Kristina said...


We don't have snow sticking down here but we can see it white up on the mountain tops.

Have fun playing in the snow and stay warm :)

marsha said...

Lovely, I love the snow. It was snowing as I drove into work this morning. It changed to rain shortly afterwards.

Alexandra said...

Thanks for sharing...I love snow pictures. Don't you just love the morning silence when everything is covered in snow? No snow here. We don't get it too often. I just remember what it was like at my grandparents farm in PA. in the winter.

Denese said...

So glad everyone likes the pictures. :)
It was so cold but too pretty to resist!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

So glad you got the snow instead of me!! WE did get snow on the Sandias. I will try to get some pics and post on my blog ""