Wednesday, November 12

Free Educational Resources-Pilgrim Stories Part 3/Pilgrim Audio/Thanksgiving

Pilgrim Stories III: Little Pilgrims & The Red Men is the conclusion of Homeschool Freebie of the Day's three part series of the story of the Pilgrims. In part three, learn how Pilgrim children got along with their Native American neighbors through tales of danger, adventure and friendship!

Included in part three is a Teacher’s Guide to learning more about the Pilgrims through play-acting and other activities.

This and parts one and two of "Pilgrim Stories" will be available through the end of this week.

Also from the Erskines, at Living Books for the Ears, "You Are There: The Sailing Of The Pilgrims". This is a classic radio show that originally aired on December 21, 1947.
Excellent history resource for your Pilgrim studies!

Some Thanksgiving freebies:

Thanksgiving Prayers
Thanksgiving Poems
Thanksgiving Paper Dolls
Pilgrim Paper Doll
Pilgrim "Friends"
Thanksgiving Activities-Pilgrim Themed

Last but not least, here are a couple of funny old-time radio shows about Thanksgiving.

Best of Old Time Radio presents Burns and Allen in Landing of the Indians at Plymouth- George Burns and Gracie Allen
Father Knows Best Thanksgiving- Family show that aired in the 1940's, then became a television show.

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