Sunday, November 9

Sulphured Apples

I found another old-timey recipe in our family cookbook, an old way of preserving apples.
Before there was electricity and before canning jars became more widely available, apples were preserved by drying or sulphuring. Sulphuring the apples prevents them from turning brown.
This recipe is also from my husband's Aunt Minnie.

Sulphured Apples

Peel, core and slice apples.
Put 1 thick layer of apples in a big stone jar or a wooden barrel.
Make a little hole in middle of layer of apples and set a little pan or saucer in it.
Put some hot wood coals in the pan; then put in 1 Tbsp. of sulphur on the hot coals.
Put a heavy blanket or old quilt over the jar or barrel to hold in smoke.
Keep repeating layers until you have as many as you want.
Make a new hole for each layer.

Take the amount of apples you want to cook out and soak in water for just a few minutes.
Then fry or bake or just plain cook them.
What is left in the jar or barrel can be left there until all is used up; or you can put in fruit jars and seal and set in a cool place.


tipper said...

I've always wanted to try this method-so interesting.

Denese said...

Me, too. I wonder if you can even find sulphur anymore?