Thursday, October 30

Homeschool Freebies- Classic Childrens Nature E-books- Insects/Animals

"The Bee People" by Margaret Warner Morley can be downloaded from Homeschool Freebie of the Day, today only. This classic "living" book about bees, published in 1899, is a great book for studying nature with your children.

Google Books has two children's nature books by John Burroughs, "Birds and Bees: Sharp Eyes and Other Papers" and "Little Nature Studies for Little People, from the Essays of John Burroughs; an Introduction to the Study of Science and Nature".

Another classic children's book from Google Books is "Insect Stories" by Vernon L Kellogg.

"Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children" by Jane Andrews, can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg or can be read online at The Baldwin Project.
Also, an audio of "Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children"is available from LibriVox.

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