Tuesday, October 7

Free Downloads of Old Almanacs

I found some neat sites with old almanacs that have been scanned and made available to download, for free!

The National Library of Medicine of The National Institutes of Health has some old "patent medicine" almanacs, you can find them here.

A Victorian Passage has a scanned 1887 Agricultural Almanac available to download free, get it here.

The Internet Archive has a bunch of old Canadian almanacs:

Canadian almanac and directory (Volume 48, 1895)

Canadian almanac and directory (Volume 22, 1869)

Canadian almanac and directory (Volume 53, 1900)

Canadian almanac and directory (Volume 65, 1912)

The Canadian Almanac 1874

The Canadian Almanac and Directory 1850-1851

The Canadian Almanac and Directory 1897

Canadian Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge 1848

An International Harvester almanac:

IHC almanac and encyclopedia, 1911

A Scottish almanac:

Oliver and Boyd's Edinburgh almanac and national repository

A "Family Christian Almanac":

Family Christian Almanac

An old Home Insurance Company almanac:

The Home Almanac (Volume 1893)

An 1842 Boston almanac:

The Boston almanac for the year .. (Volume 1842)

An Illinois almanac:

Wakefield's western farmers' almanac and account book (Volume 1874)

Many more American almanacs:
Farmers' and country merchants' almanac and ready reference book

Chicago daily news national almanac for .. (Volume 1889)

Chicago daily news national almanac for .. (Volume 1920)

Notes on the calendar and the almanac

The American almanac and repository of useful knowledge for the year .. (Volume 7 (1836))

Tables of the moon : constructed for the use of the American ephemeris and nautical almanac

The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's almanac, and other papers

The New-England mercantile union business directory, six parts in one. Containing a new map of New-England, an almanac for 1849, a memorandum for every day in the year, and a business directory for New-England

The book of almanacs, with an index of reference, by which the almanac may be found for every year, whether in old style or new, from any epoch, ancient or modern, up to A. D. 2000. With means of finding the day of any new or full moon from B. C. 2000 to A. D. 2000

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