Thursday, October 9

Today's Homeschooling Freebies- Columbus Day

Homeschool Freebie of the Day
Today only you can download "You Are There: Columbus Discovers America", an old radio show that recreates the famous journey of Christopher Columbus. This is in mp3 format and you can get it here.

Scholastic has a Columbus Day Activity Set which includes a webquest, quiz, online learning links and printables. You can access these free resources here.

For a animated biography of Christopher Columbus go here.

BrainPop Jr.
Activities, quizes and a short animated film can be found here.


tipper said...

I don't homeschool-but what a wonderful service you offer for those who do. Just amazing the tips your giving out!

Denese said...

It's my pleasure, I love to help others if I can. :)
I've seen a lot of homeschoolers struggle with the cost of buying curriculum each year when there are so many free and low-cost alternatives that work just as well, you just have to find them.
I hope every one can use something, not just homeschoolers!
Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. :)