Friday, October 10

Today's Homeschooling Freebies- More Columbus Day Resources


Homeschool Freebie of the Day
In honor of Columbus Day, the Erskines have another wonderful old radio show for us today, "Admiral of the Ocean Sea", hosted by Orson Welles. Download this classic program here.
Remember, this is available today only!

The Reading Well
The Reading Well, seller of used, rare and classic out-of-print books, has some free audio presentations of great events in American history, you can listen to "The Voyages of Christopher Columbus" here.


Albright Academy Christopher Columbus Page- you can also find some notebooking pages at the bottom of the page.


Apples 4 the Teacher Columbus Day Poems and Rhymes

Love to Learn Place Columbus Day Poems

Short Stories

Apples for the Teacher Popular Columbus Day Short Stories for Children

Lesson Plans

4th Grade Columbus Day Lesson Plan from "Happy Hearts at Home"

Los Banos Homeschoolers American History Curriculum Topic 9- Discovery and Columbus

Notebooking Pages

Notebooking Page: Columbus' route to the New World from Notebook Learning

Homeschool Notebooking Free Notebooking Pages- scroll down to "Holidays" for Columbus Day


Apples for the Teacher Columbus 1492 Voyage Facts

The Columbus Navigation Homepage- A Christopher Columbus Timeline

Coloring Pages

Coloring Book Fun Columbus Day Coloring Pages

All About Coloring Columbus Day Themed Coloring Pages

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