Monday, October 6

Free Homeschooling Resources for National Fire Prevention Week

This week is National Fire Prevention Week and this year's theme is "Prevent Home Fires". Here are some online resources to learn more about National Fire Prevention Week and fire safety. I've also included some links to information on the Great Chicago Fire.

Tennessee Fire Prevention

Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Official Kid's Website

National Fire Protection Association Fire Prevention Week

The Great American Fire Drill

Sparky the Firedog

Sparky the Fire Dog: Fire Prevention Week Website for Kids

Fire Prevention History

Fire Prevention Children Activities

Exit Drills in the Home

Fire Safety Tips

Sleep Products Safety Council Lesson Activities

Sleep Products Safety Council Fire Safety For Kids

Home Fire Escape Plan

Fire Prevention Handbook

Nebraska State Fire Marshal's Safety Tips and Bulletins

Fire Prevention Printables

The Teacher's Corner Fire Prevention Week Lesson Plans and Activities

A to Z Teacher's Stuff Fire Safety Lessons and Activities

Fire Safety: Activities to Spark Learning!

The "Big Red" Fire Museum

Knowledge House Fire Safety Mini-Unit

Scholastic Fire Prevention Week Resources

U.S. Fire Administration for Kids Lesson Plans

Smokey Bear Website

Smokey Bear Coloring Book (pdf file)

Smoky Bear Puzzle Book (pdf file)

Fire Safety for Middle School Students

Fire Safety Mini-Unit for Preschoolers

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Teacher's Tools

BeFireSmart- An Interactive Approach to Fire Safety

Virtual Fire Department

ThinkQuest The History of Fire

The ChildFun Family Website Safety Activities

The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory

National Geographic Kids magazine-The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

A Story of the Chicago Fire (1892)

Chicago and the Great Conflagration (1872)

The Great Fire: Leading newspaper accounts of the terrible Chicago conflagration, including descriptions of the origin and progress of the fire, by eye-witnesses, correspondents, etc., harrowing incidents, hair-breadth escapes, &c., with a correct map ([1871?])

The Chicago Fire and the Fire Insurance Companies. An exhibit of the capital, assets, and losses of the companies (1871)

The Great Chicago Fire Webquest

Great Chicago Fire Lesson Planning Article

Earth Science Picture of the Day The Great Chicago Fire

Audio Story-Chicago Fire

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