Wednesday, October 22

Homeschool Freebies- Classic Children's Books

Here are some classic children's books on American History, all of them free. :)

Today's free resource from Homeschool Freebie of the Day is "Hero Tales from American History", a collection of essays and stories of American heroes by Henry Cabot Lodge & Theodore Roosevelt.
Remember, this is available today only.

Another classic American heroes book from the Internet Archive is "Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans", by Edward Eggleston, originally published in 1895. This is a collection of stories about great American warriors, statesmen, explorers, scientists, and others from America's past.

Also available from Internet Archive is "Camps and Firesides of the Revolution", by Albert Bushnell Hart.This is an early 1900's reader about America's colonial days and revolution.


kylistener said...

Hi Denese,

Thanks for posting these on the blog... we appreciate that!

Nice find on the Eggleston book, it is a good one! I'll clean up that file a bit and and we may use it for a future resource.

Best Wishes,
Jim Erskine

Denese said...

Oh Mr. Jim, we just love all your resources and try to tell everyone!
Thanks for all you do. :)