Wednesday, October 22

Idea for Bible Study

My friend, Monica, gave me a fantastic idea for Bible study. She received an audio recording of the Bible, narrated by Alexander Scourby, and has been listening to it while she sleeps. What a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the Scriptures! has the KJV Bible on MP3 narrated by Alexander Scourby for $12.99, or you can listen to Alexander Scourby's narration online at Audio Bible.

Here are a few sites that offer free audios of the Bible to download to your computer:

Audio Treasure

Free Audio Bible online

Manna Audio Bible

Christian Web Services Free Audio Bible


Audio Bible said...

Free is great! If you are interested in wearing your faith, the Amazing Bible Cross is the complete Scourby KJV audio Bible on an elegant wooden USB memory cross.

Denese said...

That's pretty neat, I'll keep you in mind.
Thank you. :)