Monday, October 20

Homeschool Freebies For National Chemistry Week

October 19th to the 25th is National Chemistry Week so I've put together a list of resources for activities and experiments:

Having a Ball with Chemistry: The Chemistry of Sports -20 downloadable activities

American Chemical Society Science for Kids -activities, puzzles and games

Chemical Of the Week -downloadable facts and information

100 Classic Chemistry Experiments

Alka-Seltzer Student Science Experiments

The Science House Countertop Chemistry

Kid Cococtions -Gak, Oobleck, Flubber, Silly Putty

Experiments in Electrochemistry

National Geographic Polymers They're Everywhere -all about plastics

Polymers for Kids -activities for elementary and middle school students

The pH Factor -learn about acids and bases

Nutrients, Algae and Oxygen

Magic Salt Crystal Garden

EPA Learn About Chemicals Around Your House

Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry -high school

Biographies of Famous Chemists -links to biographies of famous chemists throughout history

Which Mad Scientist Are You?

David's Whizzy Periodic Table -click things and see what happens

Periodic Table of Elements at Las Alamos National Laboratory

Interactive Period Table of the Elements -high school

Pictures of Famous Chemists

Maria Sklodowska-Curie

Free Famous Scientists Biography Pages and Free Experiment Notebooking Pages

Science Experiment Notebooking Pages and Science Lab Form

Homeschool Printables: Science -notebooking pages

Chemistry Worksheets -high school

Unit Studies Chemistry Worksheets -high school

Splitting the Atom Lesson Plan -high school

Chemistry Video Collection from the Journal of Chemical Education

Science on the Brain -science experiment videos from Marshall Brain

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