Sunday, October 12

Even More Free Columbus Day Resources

Here are some more freebies I found for Columbus Day.

The History Channel
The History Channel has a ton of information on Christopher Columbus. For videos, a short biography, quiz, and more, go to The History of Columbus Day.

Columbus's Lost Ships
Find the nine ships Columbus lost during four voyages to the new world.

Radio Show
You Are There 62 Columbus Discovers America

More Lesson Plans
Other Worlds: The Voyage of Columbus for grades 9-12

Cyberspace Explorer: Getting to Know Christopher Columbus for grades 3-5

From Core Knowledge:
Christopher Columbus: The Man, The Myth, and the Legend for Kindergarden

Columbus and the Conquistadors for grade 1

Here's an article on planning a unit study:
Homeschool Unit Study: Christopher Columbus and Exploration

Printables: word searches, crosswords, worksheets, etc.
Columbus Day Printables

John's Word Search Puzzles Columbus Day

Hands-on Activities
Make Your Own Boardgame- Christopher's Crossing for grades 3-5

Columbus Day Spanish Galleon

Spyglass Telescope Craft

Spyglass Telescope Craft Easy Version

Enchanted Learning Columbus' Voyage: Map and Ships

Paper-Mache Globe

New World Map

Multicolor Binoculars

For grades 5 through high school, from The Mariners' Museum
Age of Exploration Activities for Students and Teachers

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