Monday, October 13

Today's Homeschool Freebies- Resources For Earth Science Week

This week is National Earth Science Week and I've put together a list of some free resources I found on the web.

Mineralogy Database

National Severe Storms Laboratory's Weather Room

Hurricane Hunters Home Page

Oceanography - try me for FREE! 10 lesson unit published by Christian Cottage Unit Studies

Mini Unit- Earth Science online unit

Astronomy Unit Study

A Unit Study on Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Volcano Webquest made for 4th grade, depends on reading level

Magnetism Web Quest for middle to upper grades

Answers In Creation Online Geology Curriculum for high school students, creation based Online Astronomy Academy

Schoolyard Geology (USGS)

Geology For Kids by, online geology textbook

Surfing the Solar System: A Treasure Hunt Game and Puzzle online, requires Flash player

Museums in the Classroom Ocean Project

Ocean Adventure Webquest

Hands-on Activities

Coffee Ground "Fossils"

Crystal Garden

Do Rocks Last Forever?

Make Your Own Volcano

Shake, Rattle and Liquefy

ChemShorts for Kids a ton of chemistry experiments

Classroom Activity: A Grapefruit Saturn

Constellation Detective (pdf file)

Constellation Cookies (pdf file)

Toilet Paper Solar System (pdf file)

Making a Sun Clock

Pictures From Light

Salt Volcano - Make your own miniature "Lava Lite"

Reflecting Rainbows

Ocean Currents for grades 5-9 (pdf file)

Timing the Tides for grades 5-9 (pdf file)

Word Searches, Quizes, Worksheets, Printables

Earthquake Word Search

Geologic Word Search

Magnetism and Electricity Word Chop Worksheet

Magnetism & Electricity Vocabulary List & Definitions

Magnetism & Electricity Vocabulary Quiz

Magnetism and Electricity Word Search Worksheet

Volcano Maze (pdf file)

Solar System Fun - crossword puzzle (pdf file)

Ocean Planet Marine Life Facts

Ocean Planet Oceanographic Facts

Printable Ocean Motion Crossword Puzzle (pdf file)

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