Thursday, October 16

Homeschooling Freebies For Noah Webster's Birthday

Noah Webster,"The Father of the American Dictionary", was born 250 years ago today. Here are a some great links for learning more about this famous American educator.

The Noah Webster House Museum has a ton of information, including a children's page with printable activities, a brief history of 18th Century Schooling and Things You May Not Know About Noah Webster.

Encyclopedia of World Biography has a brief biography on Noah Webster here.

Did you know that Noah Webster produced his own modern English translation of the Bible in 1833? Here is the full text of Webster's Preface, and his Introduction. has a great article, Ten Things Worth Knowing About Noah Webster on His 250th Birthday.

The Blackwell History of Education Museum: Cool Artifacts has pictures of artifacts from the education system during Noah Webster’s time.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary online

Download Webster's 1828 Dictionary

Download Webster's 1857 Spelling Book (The Blue Back Speller)

Printables From Education World
Dictionary Crossword Puzzle
Dictionary Word Search
Answer Keys for Crossword & Word Search

Dictionary Worksheets from TLS can be found here.

Teachnology has a ton of worksheets here.

And finally...from Journey's Into American History, you can listen to or download "Noah Webster", an episode of old-time radio's Cavalcade of America.

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