Friday, October 17

Free Recipe Booklets

When I was young I started my cookbook collection with the free recipe booklets that you could send off for from different food manufacturers and organizations. (I have a couple from Heinz with some great pickling recipes!) I still send off for them occasionally, and now I have a daughter who has started collecting recipes and "cookbooklets". :)

Nowadays, with the Internet, a lot of these little gems are right at your fingertips. Here are just a few:

Wild Florida Shrimp has five shrimp brochures with recipes and tips that you can receive by mail or download to your computer.

Order the free updated Jiffy Mix recipe booklet here.

From Smuckers:
FREE Smucker's Cookie Recipe Booklet
FREE Peanut Butter Recipe Booklet

Sun-Maid has five recipe booklets you can order.

Order your free copy of "White House Classic Apple Sauce Recipes Booklet" by writing to:
White House Classic Apple Sauce Recipes
P.O. Box 2040
Winchester, VA 22604

Also from White House Foods, request a copy of "Free Vinegar Tips with Coupon" here.

Last but not least, from the California Olive Industry you can order Eating Well with California Ripe Olives.


tipper said...

I have some of those booklet type cook books from before I was married-and I still use them all these years later.

Denese said...

I do too and my mom even has some from years ago. :)