Friday, October 17

Thank You Lord For The Rain

Praise God, it finally rained! We have been in an extreme drought and our water tables are so low, springs are drying up and wells are going dry.

We get our water from a spring, yesterday we had 300 gallons left in our tanks. That's better than last year, by June we were completely dry.

In light of our water situation, we conserve it all we can and here are some of the ways we do.

We don't flush our toilet each time we use it.

I dump dish water outside.

We don't take a bath every day. When my husband was growing up, they had a weekly bath.

We wear our clothes more than once before washing.

We turn the water off while bathing and washing up until it's needed for rinsing.

We catch rain water from off the roof of our house and use it for watering our animals (and plants, if needed).

I put straw or mulch in my garden and around my herbs and flowers, it keeps the ground cool and moist and the plants didn't have to have any extra water this year.

We don't wash our vehicles.

Some of these things may sound a little extreme, but they're really not if you think about how people have lived in the past. We still have it better than they did and better than most people in the rest of the world, at least we don't have to walk five miles a day for water, not yet anyways.

I just checked our tank and it's filling up! As my husband says,"Ya gotta have faith". :)

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